Beverage Products

Express service perfect brew Tetley tea bags, variety of select teas, low-cost and low order quantity sugar sachets & sticks and unusual coloured sugar. This section has caters for a perfect pick-me-up promotion, breakfast meeting or low-cost mailer.

Coffee Sachets

Hot Chocolate Sachet

Effervescent Powder

Coloured Sugar

Sugar Sachet/Stick

Select Tea

Tetley Tea Bag

Small Pyramid Tea

Large Pyramid Tea

Crystal Sugar Sticks


     Hot Chocolate Spoon

Hot Chocolate Pyramid

Hot Choc & Marshmallows

Glass Water Bottles

Water Bottles

Energy Drink

Iced Coffee

Vodka Shot

Prosecco Can

Freeze Pops

Stick of Tea

Flow Packed Tea Bag

Water Pouch

Capri Sun Drink

Chai Latte Sachet